By Maham Mubeen, Communication Designer

An idea begins with a thought or an imagination and that imagination expands and spreads all over. If you are a creative person, you will probably relate to the overwhelming feeling after getting an idea and not being able to execute the idea into reality…

Data Privacy Day is observed each year on January 28th in hopes to create awareness of the importance of protecting individual data along with organizations’ and businesses’ information. …

By Caitlin MacWilliams, Marketing Specialist at Smart IS International

The next digital technology workforce of web specialists is underway — possessing fresh ideas, creative thinking, and innovative approaches. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, located near Smart IS Headquarters, ranks number 6 among 10 nationwide schools for the next generation of…

Smart IS International

Smart-IS is a consulting firm that leverages IT to enhance your business processes. Specialties: Microsoft, Oracle, SharePoint, PeopleSoft, & WMS practices

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